Account Management

Account Management

Apart from the regular on site cleaning activities, it is our firm belief that the core elements of a successful account management program are communication and inspections.


Communication is essential if we are to succeed in meeting your needs. You may want to notify us of mishaps that have occurred on your premises that require special attention. We may also make suggestions on how the services of your premises may be improved. We encourage open communication on all issues pertaining to the maintenance of your premises.


Regular inspections are done on the premises. Inspection takes place both during business hours and after business hours while the cleaners are working. We encourage that the inspection be arranged so that you can participate in the inspection.

The purpose of this is simple; it enables direct monitoring of the various services provided throughout your premises. Most importantly, it allows minor deficiencies in service to be promptly addressed and remedial action to be implemented well before they become serious service issues.


Your account with Advance Building Maintenance Ltd will remain with us and managed by us. We do not franchise (sell) our janitorial accounts in any way, shape, or manner. We do not subcontract our janitorial accounts to other companies pursuing their own customers, nor we demand deposits from cleaning personnel prior to assigning an account. Other companies feel they must use these tools to force performance and compliance from their workers.

Our approach is different. We feel it is our responsibility to hire, train, and supervise workers to complete the tasks asked of us by our customers in an earnest, hard working manner. Through an account management program compromised of communication, inspections, high quality productivity and labor scheduling and high quality cleaning specifications, we feel we have the tools necessary to provide quality services to our customers and provide beneficial employment to our cleaning personnel.

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